Sep 19, 2021 • 35M

"Late, but long-term early"

Twitter, Discord, and Time

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When Bitcoin was pushing $20,000 in late December 2017, people asked: “are we late?”

When Ethereum was approaching $4,000 in August 2021, people asked: “are we late?”

When NFT sales hit a record-breaking $900M in the month of August, people asked: “are we late?”

Maybe we are late, but long-term early.

Yes, the early adopters may benefit most from being truly early - buying Bitcoin in 2010 or taking part in the Ethereum pre-sale in 2014 - but there will always be those who are earlier than others. And it doesn’t mean we are late.

In fact, if we think about the history of the internet, we are still so early.

It was less than 30 years ago that the internet existed in any commercial form. And only 14 years since the first supercomputer in our pocket (the iPhone) released its first generation product.

It might have felt late in 1999, when tech stocks were booming. But we were early. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more hadn’t even been created yet.

It might have felt late when Bitcoin was at $20,000 in December 2017, but almost four years later, Bitcoin is at $47,000.

We are so early.

Those who remember the first wave of the internet will remember names like AOL, UUNET, PSINet, CompuServe, BBN, MindSpring, Delphi. While many of these companies (or their infrastructure) may still exist as part of other companies, the majority of the companies created during Internet 1.0 are no longer household names.

For every AOL, there was a Prodigy. For every UUNET, there was a PSINet. For every Amazon there was a Barnes & Noble. For every Instacart, there was a Webvan.

We are so early.

Value takes time to be created. And sometimes it’s hard to comprehend how big markets can truly be until they are created.

The beauty of this wave of the internet is that we’ve never been more interconnected digitally. Access to information has never been easier to come by.

As Alexis said on the podcast, “you are the only thing stopping yourself from spending the time to educate yourself.”

We have “Twitter, Discord, and time.”

Yes, it’s often better to be early than late. But it’s also better to be late than never. Especially when it’s still long-term early.

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