Apr 11, 2021 • 3M

Community x Capital

If money is what makes the world go around, it's community that keeps it turning

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Welcome to Community x Capital.

Alexis is a long-time champion of creators.

Now, everything is community. If companies don’t have a community strategy, they better get one. Because community-led companies are the future – and community can create a competitive advantage.

Michael is a long-time believer in democratizing access to financial services.

Now, everything is FinTech. If companies can’t figure out how to offer financial services products on platform, then they may lose out on keeping their customers or creators (see: Shopify, Uber, Clubhouse, etc.).

We are living in unprecedented times. The internet has democratized access to many different things – financial services, media, education, entrepreneurship, healthcare, sports and much more.

The way of working is being redefined. The meaning of money is being reshaped.

If there was ever a golden age for Creators, this is it. Creators – everyone from athletes to influencers to musicians – have new ways to build their brand and engage their communities to forge strong relationships with their followers and fans.

Investing has become more social than ever and more mainstream than ever. People want to invest into things and people they care about and follow. Investors have come to expect – if not demand – access to all types of investable assets. And they are voting with their wallets – whether it means investing into sports cards, physical and digital collectibles, bitcoin, or the next wave of promising companies.

People want to invest into culture. And the most powerful cultures are defined by a strong, engaged community.

If money is what makes the world go around, it’s community that keeps it turning.

There are two things that are foundational to the human experience. One is capital and the other is community.

Finance itself is inherently social. Community lending models have existed for hundreds of years but most financial institutions today have missed the boat on fostering community. Those who build engaged communities of users and raving fans will win in the long run. And those who enable creators of all types to build their businesses and monetize their followers may become some of the biggest companies of our time.

And many of the most interesting investment opportunities of the future – whether they be sports cards, sports and esports teams, musicians / artists, creators, crypto, startups – are a result of the merging of culture x finance, a collision of Community x Capital.

We are excited to share our conversations on this topic with you because we believe that the next decade will be defined by Community x Capital.

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